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International Flights

As ATOL holders (9655), we can book flights for you on request (or you can choose to book accommodation only), and below provide some information regarding flights and family facilities provided ‘on-board’.

All the airlines have a Business Class available. British Airways and Virgin also operate a ‘premium economy’ class for those seeking additional leg room. However, please always check with the individual airline for up to date information, including child seats/cots and baggage allowances, as we can only provide general guidance.


South Africa

There are many airlines that offer flights to South Africa via other European Destinations but we would recommend that you fly direct from London on British Airways, South African Airways or Virgin Atlantic. Flight times are approximately 11 hours to Johannesburg and 12 hours to Cape Town. These are generally night flights although British Airways now operates some day-time flights.

Non-direct carriers include KLM, Lufthansa and Air France (latter to Johannesburg only) flying via Europe or Emirates flying via Dubai (offering a free stop over in either direction). Emirates now also operates international flights to Durban (via Dubai).


Direct flights from London to Mauritius are available on British Airways and Air Mauritius (which now has a check-in facility at a variety of hotels including One&Only Le Saint Geran and The Residence) taking approximately 12 hours. All outbound flights are overnight, but only Air Mauritius has a night time return flight on a Thursday and Saturday, all others are during the day. Air France and Emirates also fly from the UK to Mauritius on a non-direct basis.

If you are travelling to Mauritius in combination with South Africa, all airlines allow you to do so as part of an Open Jaw ticket (Air Mauritius have a partnership with South African Airways).


Currently the only direct service to the Seychelles is with Air Seychelles (11 hours) which is available several times a week from a combination of Heathrow (twice) and Gatwick . These flights however, make a brief stop over in Zurich, Frankfurt or Rome. Alternatively Air France and Emirates also operate regular but non-direct flights on this route.

For clients looking to combine with South Africa, triangular tickets can be purchased with South African Airways to Johannesburg and then Air Seychelles across to the Seychelles (overnight flight several times a week) and directly home. Air France also operates to both Johannesburg and Mahe via Paris and the triangle can be completed with a flight Johannesburg – Mahe with Air Seychelles.


British Airways have recently launched a direct service to Mahe from Gatwick (approx 10 hours, overnight outbound and day time return) resulting in excellent access to the Maldives.

Emirates also operates a non-direct but regular service via Dubai with complimentary stop overs, or you can consider Sri Lankan. Monarch, the charter airline, also offer a direct route from Gatwick and Manchester to Male.

Oman Air also offer flights via Muscat, opening up the possibility of an interesting holiday combination of Oman and the Maldives.


British Airways and Virgin operate a variety of direct day and night flights direct to Dubai (7 hours) from London. Emirates also has a frequent schedule and direct flights from a wide variety of UK regional airports.

It is possible to fly to Abu Dhabi and then take a car / coach transfer lasting approx 1.5 hours. Alternatively you can fly with an alternative Middle Eastern Airline such as Oman Air, via their hub.


The only direct flight (approx 7 hours) is operated on a regular basis by Oman Air from (outbound overnight and day return) from Heathrow. British Airways flights are also ‘direct’ but involve a ‘fuel stop’ adding approximately 1.5 hours to the journey. Alternatively you can fly with a Middle Eastern airline via their hub e.g. Emirates, Eithad or Qatar.


Easyjet operate regular flights taking approximately 3.5 hours as well as Royal Air Maroc and their budget airline Atlas Blue.


Tunis Air fly from London Heathrow direct to Tunis as well as GB Airways (British Airways) from London Gatwick.

Internal flights to Djerba and Tozeur are operated by Seven Air, often in small aircraft.

Seating arrangements for children

Baby Cots and Infant Seats

Most airlines allow you to pre-book a travel cot for your baby at a minimal cost, which attaches to the bulk-head wall directly in front of you. These are generally available for under 1’s although some airlines may also set a maximum weight limit. British Airways also offers a type of infant seat suitable for the 1 – 2 age group, attached in a similar manner, but not pre-bookable. During take off and landing you will need to have your baby or toddler on your lap, attached to your seat belt with a special supplemental loop.

Children in Aircraft Seats

From the age of two (or if you don’t want an infant on your lap) you will have to purchase a seat for your child, although generally at a reduced rate (see below). Car seats can usually be taken on board and strapped in to the seat for younger children, but please check the individual airline’s regulations concerning these. Alternatively Virgin supply a special booster seat for children aged 6 months – 3 years.

Please note that children will also have to adhere to the ‘seatbelts on’ sign and will not be allowed to sleep on the floor

Reservations and Costs

Since flights to all out destinations are busy, we recommend making reservations as far in advance as possible, especially if you need to book a sky cot.


Exact prices can be quoted on enquiry, but expect to pay from £400 – £700 plus taxes (in the region of £270 per person) to South Africa, Mauritius, Maldives and The Seychelles Islands, depending on Season and availability. However, airlines based in Europe of the Middle East such as Lufthansa and Emirates, offer the opportunity to fly at more competitive rates. Flights to Dubai and Oman generally cost half this amount with taxes of approximately £200. It should be noted that whilst Emirates fares are generally higher, their taxes are considerably lower (e.g. £85 for a return to South Africa). Morocco and Tunisia cost in the region of £250 – 350 return per person including taxes, but this is heavily dependent on availability.


Infants in a cot or on a lap under the age of 2 are generally charged at 10% of adult fare plus reduced taxes, to include a small baggage allowance, whilst children in their own seats, up to the age of 12, usually travel at 67% – 75% plus adult taxes, but with a full adult baggage allowance. Please ensure that the child is within the correct age limit at the time of the return journey to qualify.