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Suggested Itineraries

We will help you create the perfect itinerary for your unique requirements whether you are looking for that unltimate Honeymoon experience or an unforgettable family adventure (or even just a decent break!).

Although all our holidays are bespoke, below we introduce our ‘Top Ten’ in the ‘Big Five’ – some tried and tested examples to fill you with inspiration.

‘Log in’ to add your favourite itineraries to your suitcase, alongside your preferred hotels and lodges then forward this to us by using the ‘Request a brochure’ or ‘Booking enquiry’ under Contact Us with details about who will be in your party and when you are thinking travelling. We will then provide a tailor-made itinerary and quotation for your perfect trip.

However, we place great importance on the opportunity to discuss ideas on the phone, so please also let us know how and when we could contact you for a chat…

From Safari to Souks

Recommended Duration: 9 nights plus

A unique holiday to contrasting Continents, incorporating African Bush and Arabian desert experiences.

The Responsible Traveller

Recommended Duration: 10 nights plus

We are proud to bring you an excellent South African itinerary incorporating some special hotels awarded the ‘Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa’ Trademark and a unique Lodge, wholly owned by the local community, creating a very special ambience.

From Mountains to Medinas

Recommended Duration: 7 nights plus

An enthralling week spend exploring the ancient Medinas of Marrakech, working port of Essaouria and the breathtaking Atlas Mountains.

Last of the Summer Sun

Recommended Duration: 7 nights plus

Combine the fascinating and cultural coastal City of Tunis with a beach break on the desert island of Djerba, the most southerly Mediterranean Resort.

From Barefoot to Bling!

Recommended Duration: 8 nights plus

Combine the contrasting beach experiences of a remote resort in the Maldives with the michellin starred restaurants and chilled swimming pools of Dubai!